Ava’s Tree House

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Our Vision

Ava’s Tree House claims a courageous and bold vision to radically transform the way children with cancer and their families are supported. Our experience working with hundreds of parents and caregivers, has uncovered the unfortunate reality that there is no place in Arizona that focuses on outpatient emotional/respite support for children with cancer and their family members. Thus, the vision of Ava’s Tree House was born.

Families suffer when a pediatric cancer diagnosis is made. As we pay more attention to the subtler parts of the cancer experience, we find social support is crucial to help cope with harsh treatment regimens and recovery. For many, our financial, emotional and social support has been seminal in helping families cope with challenges associated with their child’s pediatric cancer diagnosis.

“In today’s volatile and uncertain world, we recognize that this is more than a capital campaign – it is a vision for a brighter and healthier future for children with cancer that must be made real”

Paul “Goldy” Goldschmidt, MLB All-star

Ava’s Tree House will offer children the gift of childhood in a safe, hyper-clean, comforting environment—a combination of peace of mind and marvel under one roof. Children will be able to explore to their hearts’ content. Parents will find the guidance and sense of community for which they have longed. Families as a whole will feel part of a community with ongoing financial, social and emotional support, allowing them to leave their troubles behind, if only for a short time.

The Problem

Outpatient emotional/respite support is needed now more than ever. Our current office is utilized as Ava’s Tree House “Junior” where families access art classes, book readings, counseling, canine visits, free tutoring, a toy store and more. Due to space restrictions, our organization must limit the number of families we are able to help.

The demands of those we serve greatly outweigh our current capacity.

The Solution

“We have a courageous and bold vision that is centered 100% on Arizona children with cancer and their families.”

— Jim “Bones” Mackay Longtime PGA Tour Caddie and NBC Commentator

We have purchased a centrally located, 12,000 square foot building to be remodeled into a welcoming and stress-reducing environment for families impacted by pediatric cancer.

What We Need

$ 5.25 million — Property

$ 1 million — Design & Renovation

$ 750K — Special Equipment & Furnishings

$ 1 million — Reserves

For more information please contact Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children founder, Chrisie Funari at (480) 350-7055 or chrisie@azcancerfoundation.org


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This will be a lasting legacy to Ava who has greatly impacted the lives of so many children with cancer and their families.